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Honey in single-dose sachets of 6 gr....

Honey in single-dose sachets of 6 gr. (Exhibitor of 200 sachets)

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One package / display contains 200 sachets of 6 grams. Honey is usually a medium-dark wildflower, sometimes from the woods. The origin is absolutely Italian. Since the productions are limited, when one type of honey is missing it is replaced by another available.

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Produced based on traditional methods. Honey can be light or dark coloured depending on its floral origin and it tends to solidify due to a natural process called crystallization. Depending on the production area, honey acquires the characteristics of the flora from which bees collect the nectar (e.g. eucalyptus, orange, chestnut, etc.). When an area is not characterized by the prevalence of particular flowers, honey is called "mixed flower honey". Therefore, the pictures on the site are only illustrative and the delivered product may differ in terms of texture and colour.

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