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Propolis, honey and herbal infusion drink Ingredients: honey, fructose, water, propolis, marsh mallow infusion, mallow, wild thyme, elder, mullein and Scots pine essential oil.
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Plants are harvested when pods are ripe. Pods are tied in bunches and air-dried, thanks to the climate conditions of the area. Beans are shelled by the traditional method of manual threshing, sorted and kept in cloth bags. Before seeding, soil is never fertilised, not even with organic manure. Before packing the product, beans are sorted manually.

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Automatic Pot for Polenta Automatic Pot for Polenta
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Automatic polenta pot works for you!
40 minutes without problems, without thoughts, free to do something else without the commitment to follow and turn the polenta by hand.

Recommended doses for preparation:
2 liters of water
a pinch of salt, 1 spoon of honey,
300 gr yellow flour.

Copper pot diam. 25
Motor 16 Watt 230 Volt with mixer in 40 minutes it cooks
Max capacity 2.5 liters of water 370 gr flour
Honey Polenta Recipe:


    400 g of quick polenta
    50 g of grated Parmesan cheese
    3 heads of radicchio
    150 g of taleggio
    30 g of butter
    1 tablespoon of honey
    1 leek


    Wash and cut the radicchio heads in pieces, remove the green part of the leek and cut into slices. Heat the butter in a non-stick pan, add the leek and the radicchio, and season with salt. Cook over low heat for 5 or 6 minutes.
    Bring 1.5 liters of salted water to the boil, pour in the instant polenta flour, stirring with a whisk; after 6 minutes melt the saffron sachet in a little water, add it to the polenta and continue to cook for the time indicated on the package.
    At the end of cooking add the taleggio cheese and parmesan, stirring constantly. Then serve the polenta with the radicchio and leek sauce.

        Recipe details

Cooking time: 20 min Preparation time: 20 min Doses for: 4 people Difficulty: Low Calories: Medium - Cost: Low


Dare with the combinations

 Polenta is not eaten only with meat or cheese, it is also excellent with fish or cooled and then fried.

Make it grilled and try it with honey or jam

 Match a suitable wine

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