Lisoplus 250 ml
Lisoplus 250 ml
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Lisoplus 250 ml
Lisoplus 250 ml

Lisoplus 250 ml

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Apiforte has definitively changed its name, the new commercial name is Lisoplus (European registered trademark)

Improves hygienic conditions in the hive and greatly increases the performance of colonies and their resistance to external pathogens IDEAL IN ORGANIC BEEKEEPING

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The best times to use LISOPLUS are:

• In spring, as a stimulating diet to help the colony get off to a good start in the new season and ensure healthy offspring.

• At the end of summer, at the end of the season – to raise strong and healthy bees during the winter.

• During the season, when you notice a problem in the development of brood and bees can be fed with sugar syrup (periods of nectar shortage). 

It is easy to use:

For 1 colony simply dilute from 25ml to 50ml LISOPLUS in no less than 250ml of sugar syrup- Mix well and feed the colony.

Repeat after 2 weeks, if necessary.

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