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"Api Herb" pack of 500 gr
"Api Herb" pack of 500 gr

"Api Herb" pack of 500 gr

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Complementary feed based on plant extracts, essential oils, B vitamins
Studies show that by taking ApiHerb, bees are better. The product improves the conditions of bees affected by nosemiasis, facilitates wintering and is an energizing post health treatment.
spring (February / March) autumn (August / September)
with temperature> 10 ° C to allow flights during the treatment period

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• dissolve 4g of ApiHerb in 50 ml of sugar syrup (50% water and 50% sugar); drip 5 cc of this solution onto the frames. Repeat 3 times weekly.
• add 2-3g of ApiHerb to 1 liter of syrup directly into the nourisher every time it is necessary to feed the colony.
Tip: prepare the suspension 12 hours before use, keeping it in a cool, dark place until the time of administration. Use it no later than 48 hours.

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