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Vita Oxygen 1000 g (paracetic acid-based disinfectant) Best

Vita Oxygen 1000 g (paracetic acid-based disinfectant)

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For the disinfection of all beehive pathogens (American and European plague, nosema ceranae, calcified brood, viruses related to varroasis) of hives, honeycombs and any type of beekeeping material, as well as very useful for disinfection of the laboratory, equipment and of the workplace.

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Vita Oxygen is a new powerful broad-spectrum paracetic acid-based sporicide disinfectant, which is also used in hospitals and the healthcare sector. Characteristics * broad-spectrum disinfectant: sporogenic and non-sporogenic bacteria, fungi and viruses) * short disinfection time: contact time 30 minutes * non-corrosive on surfaces Method of use Preparation: dissolve 10 g of Vita Oxygen / litre of warm water (20-30°) for decontamination/disinfection or 20 g / litre for high-level disinfection. Shake for 2/3 minutes until most of the powder has dissolved. Allow the activation time (15 minutes if 10 g /litre and 30 minutes if 20 g / litre) as specified on the label. It is advisable to clean the material manually to remove any wax bridge or propolis deposit. Allow the solution in contact for at least 30 minutes. Prepare a suitable container filled with solution to disinfect beehives, wooden frames and other materials. Allow the materials to soak. As an alternative, spray the disinfectant and brush the material. For the disinfection of combs - Immerse the combs into the disinfectant solution and allow the alveoli to fill. Allow them in contact with the disinfectant, then shake the combs to empty the alveoli. As an alternative, the disinfectant can be directly sprayed on the combs. Carefully spray the solution on the combs and the materials. Manual application: the solution can also be used for brush-cleaning. Warning! Choose a disinfectant concentration and application time that are proportionate to the quantity of organic matter to be removed. The disinfection time should be 30 minutes for surface layers of wax and propolis (from some thousandths of a millimetre to half a millimetre), as can be the case on the inner walls of the hives, of the frame or the surface of a pocket feeder, etc. No rinsing is needed, as degradation substances are water, oxygen and acetic acid. The diluted solution is not dangerous for operators. The diluted solution is effective to the maximum of its capacity for 24 hours. After this time, the disinfection power decreases.

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