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Battery-powered blower and vacuum cleaner

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Greenworks battery-powered blower and vacuum cleaner, with battery and battery charger included. The blower is a powerful, silent and very useful tool for keeping the bees away from the super when cleaning the combs, the phase that precedes honey extraction. The volume of air generated by the blower is abundant and powerful, in order to remove the bees quickly but without causing them damage of any kind. The battery-powered blower and vacuum cleaner is an incredibly comfortable tool precisely because it is cordless, thanks to its long-lasting battery and adjustable speed directly from the handle. The handle is covered in rubber to have a practical and comfortable grip, and is designed to reduce vibrations, for continuous use and for a long time. At speed 3, the claimed battery life is 30 minutes. Another advantage is the low noise level, especially when compared with petrol engine models, which allows you not to exceed 90 decibels and therefore annoy both the bees and the beekeeper less. You will therefore be able to use it in the apiary without having to bring petrol, wires or anything else, because the battery will support you throughout the operation. So forget about wires, the smell of petrol, exhaust smoke and noise. The blower can also be used in the garden to blow or vacuum the leaves, so you can amortize the cost by using it in the home garden as well. The battery is also compatible with other Greenworks tools, so you have a single battery to use on multiple tools, with considerable cost savings. The weight is low, because with the battery it weighs only 3.5kg ADVANTAGES - Powerful performance without stink, vibration and pollution - Immediately ready for use, even after a long period of standing still. - You no longer need to buy petrol like with other blowers - No maintenance, as no spark plugs, oil or air filter are required. - Wireless, so no tangle of cables and no danger of tripping or dragging objects during use

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