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Sheet metal drawer/tray cm. 38,5 X 46,5 c/a...

Sheet metal drawer/tray cm. 38,5 X 46,5 c/a (for mobile bottom of 10 honeycombs)

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Galvanized sheet metal tray for the anti-varroa floor to collect varroa mites during treatments.

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In order to trap varroa mites during the treatment, grease the tray with Vaseline grease, maybe using a piece of oiled paper to make removal easier. This way, varroa mites falling from the frames pass through the perforated mesh and remain trapped in the Vaseline grease. After the treatment, it is possible to check how many varroa mites are fallen and the colony infestation level. The tray can be used also for migration. It allows colony ventilation during transport. Several dimensions are available. It is advisable to state particular dimensions in the order.

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