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Grid Exclude queen cm 50x50 for beehive of 12 honeycombs Dadant

Grid Exclude queen cm 50x50 for beehive of 12 honeycombs Dadant in plastic

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Queen excluder, plastic wire, cm 50x50 (for 12 frames hive) Model Europa, special plastic for food. Thinner compared to metal ones and, therefore, easier to be carried and installed in hives. Very precise and smooth spaces that do not damage passing bees.

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Queen excluders made in Europe with special very ductile plastic, resistant to both high and low temperatures. Specifically designed for Langstroth beehives but adjustable to Dadant 10 frames beehives. It allows preventing the queen from entering the super and laying eggs. It allows having always clean super frames and makes them also less attractive for wax moths which are attracted by the brood smell.  Frequently used also to make one's own queen excluder frames, for brood block and therefore anti-varroa treatment, e.g. with oxalic acid.

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