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OXALIKA professional cordless sublimator for...

OXALIKA professional cordless sublimator for oxalic acid with spring plunger and smart valve

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Cordless sublimator with spring plunger and smart valve.

The adapter is the one for the Makita battery, which however is not included in the price.

Easy to use and more performing model. The spring plunger remains cold, it is only used to insert the dose into the appropriate cavity located in the upper part of the smart valve. This operation can be carried out during sublimation, without wasting time between one sublimation and another. Adapter (battery not included): A=1 Bosch® GBA/ProCore 18V A=2 Dewalt® XR 18/20 Volt A=3 Makita® LXT 18 Volt A=4 Einhell® Power -TEAM Works with 18 Volt lithium ion batteries (not included). Heats up in just 2 minutes and is ready for sublimation. The number of treatments that can be done with one battery depends on the capacity of the battery itself. With a 5Ah battery you can carry out approximately 40 treatments of 2 grams if the sublimator is cold and approximately 50 if it is already hot. Battery protection: Both models are equipped with an integrated system that turns off the sublimator when it detects that the batteries are low, protecting it from overdischarge (an overdischarged battery cannot be recharged and becomes unusable). A light indicator will indicate the battery status: it will be lit green if the battery is charged and will turn red when the battery is almost completely discharged and the device is about to turn off. Power 240 Watts. Available with adapters that allow the use of various brands of 18 Volt LiIon batteries (Dewalt, Bosch, Makita, Einhell, Parkside) Interchangeable tube: in just a few steps you can replace the diffuser tube by choosing the one that best suits the treatment. With the straight tube you can treat the hives by making a hole on the back side of the hive or on the back side of the inverted honeycomb cover. With the "S" curved tube you can easily treat from the flight door. With the 90° curved tube you can instead treat from above using the hole for the feeder. The tubes are made of high resistance copper and are all included with the sublimator. Anchoring bracket: the anchoring bracket is included and improves the stability of the sublimator in treatments from the flight opening. Anticorodal aluminum boiler with accessible sublimation chamber and internally free from obstacles (patent pending). Aluminum guarantees a more uniform temperature distribution without the formation of "hot spots" and "cold spots". The accessible sublimation chamber allows for the thorough cleaning necessary to keep the sublimator efficient after many uses. Insulated Boiler Makes the device insensitive to low ambient temperatures and the presence of wind and contributes to saving the battery. It works only with pure oxalic acid. Remember that in Italy pure oxalic acid is not allowed, only Api-Bioxal is authorized for sublimated use. CE and Rohs certified

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