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Wax foundations with drone cells (per kg) Best Price, shop

Wax foundations with drone cells (per kg)

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Wax foundations, laminated, 41x26 cm, with drone cells (per kg). Knowing that varroa prefers male broods as reproduction place, a method has been developed to fight it based on breeding an all-male frame. NOTE: 1 WAX FOUNDATION WEIGHS APPROX. 150 gr.

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Cast and laminated wax foundations. Wax foundations can be obtained using two different methods: casting and lamination. In the first case, wax is melted and cast into moulds that generate the foundation. In case of lamination, a smooth wax foundation is prepared first and then pressed with moulds to give it the shape of a frame. Cast wax foundations are more fragile than laminated ones, especially at low temperatures.

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