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DV4 semi-automatic uncapping machine

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Professional beekeepers need a professional uncapping machine. The DV 4 uncapping machine is based on an excellent uncapping principle which has successfully been used in Australia for over 40 years. Some materials and technical elements have been improved and turned into this sturdy and compact machine.

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The device is able to perfectly uncap combs and make loading and unloading operations easier. Combs are loaded on the upper rail, which is fitted with motor-driven stainless steel chains, and conveyed to the uncapping point individually. Combs are uncapped when the comb passes through two silent swinging serrated blades, which move horizontally and are heated by integrated electrical resistors. Blades can be adjusted to cut below the wood. DV 4 is fully made of laser-cut, high quality stainless steel. Suitable for Dadant combs (item 4300) or Langstroth combs (item 4301). In order to increase the capacity of combs collected out of the machine, DV 4 can be equipped with a special container for uncapped combs (item 4318DB), with two stainless steel chain rails allowing to keep the right space between the combs. Customers can choose the length of the container.

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