Radial honey extractor "Albatros Vario54", stainless steel

Radial honey extractor "Albatros Vario54", stainless steel cage, 54 D.B. frames

Radial motorized honey extractor, for 66 super frames

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Radial honey extractor "Albatros Vario" for 54 D.B. super frames. This professional honey extractor is equipped with a ø 1100 mm, 1.2 mm thick stainless steel container with a rounded upper edge, a bottom with a peculiar shape for full emptying through the stainless steel ø 50 mm honey gate. The cage is made of stainless steel and laser cut, with a new design that allows a larger number of frames and their easier loading. Noiselessly operated from the bottom. Speed control is very simple and intuitive. It is managed by a small electronic control unit that allows extracting honey with automatically or manually regulated speed. The lid has a safety lock, the upper bar and the three legs are made of baked enamelled steel. The cage of this honey extractor offers different frame capacities making it actually UNIVERSAL, e.g.: 54 DADANT super frames, 30 LANGSTROTH frames, 30 ZANDER frames, 24 DADANT frames, 18 LAYENS frames.
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