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DV2 Zander semi-automatic uncapping machine Best Price, shop

DV2 Zander semi-automatic uncapping machine

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Product supplied to order with deadlines to be determined. We have developed the project of this small uncapping machine that has all the characteristics of robustness and functionality that characterize our products.

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The principle of uncapping the honeycombs is exactly the same as that adopted in the larger machine: stainless steel serrated knives and oscillating silently, their electric heating system, motorized descent of the honeycombs by means of stainless steel chains. Also on this machine it is possible to obtain the uncapping of the honeycombs "under wood" in the event of a returned operculum. The only differences with the DV4 large machine consist in the lack of an automatic feeding of the honeycombs which are then introduced into the machine a little at a time in the descending chute and also in its supporting structure which does not rest on the ground but is placed on a trolley. -capper or on special supports. Any support and percolator squeezer are not included in the price.

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