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Battery-powered swarm vacuum cleaner for hive

Battery-powered swarm vacuum cleaner for hive

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Swarm aspirator with 6 honeycombs hive. Article available soon Composed of: • Set of 2 special rigid but light tubes (1400 mm each) • Connection hose to the special cover (3000 mm) • Electric motor powered by a lithium ion battery The main novelty consists in the fact that the suction system is external to the drawer and the drawer itself acts as the final home of the swarm, without any need for subsequent "pouring". The swarm is collected through a suction tube that enters the drawer through the lid. Simply place the polystyrene drawer, containing two or three pre-processed honeycombs, on top of the appliance, overlap the special lid with the suction tube, lock it and start collection. The swarm will be in the drawer within 5 minutes. The suction speed can be adapted according to the length of the hose used and without harming the swarm bees. To reach greater heights, additional additional tubes of length 1400 mm each are available (not included in the price).

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