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Flower pollen, 1000 g bag Flower pollen, 1000 g bag
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Pollen, royal jelly and propolis

Dry flower pollen granules. Pollen is dried immediately after collection and does not undergo any other process.

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Honey vinegar cl. 50
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Honey liqueurs and wines
This vinegar is produced from a good mead (honey wine).
From the introduction of the mother acetaria into the mead, it takes about 8/10 months for the complete acidification process to take place.
The product does not undergo artificial filtration, it settles naturally, so it remains alive and intact.
It is a rarity of its kind, it can be enjoyed especially in salads, but also in many other dishes.
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Motorised radial honey...
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Laboratory equipment

Motorized radial honey extractor "Tucano, Ø 630mm, with stainless steel cage for 20 DB honeycombs, with TOP variable speed electric motor, 120W. The transparent polycarbonate lid is hinged to the bar and equipped with an electric safety lock. With tap Ø 40mm in plastic and 3 painted legs

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OXYGEN HANDS NATURAL SPRAY cleans and sanitizes hands without water, without
soap, without rinsing.
The synergistic action of the alcoholic component (over 75%) and hydrogen peroxide
they guarantee a rapid and complete hand cleansing and killing
of over 99.9% of bacteria.
The solubilizing action of alcohol rapidly breaks down the lipid membrane (fat)
which protects any pathogens, giving way to hydrogen peroxide
(disinfectant) to easily come into contact with bacteria, viruses, fungi and spores
neutralizing them in seconds.
The high content of emollient and protective agents guarantees a soft and
also hydrated with frequent use.
The high concentration of active components, and the degree of purity of the materials
raw materials used give the product unique characteristics of its kind
which differentiate it enormously from most similar products commonly
on the market.
PEROXYGEN, then proceed as above.

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