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Cylindrical filter bag for 400 kg ripener Best Price, shop

Cylindrical filter bag for 400 kg ripener

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Filter bag in nylon cloth, cylindrical, for 400 kg ripener.

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DECLARATION OF CONFORMITY OF MATERIALS AND OBJECTS INTENDED TO COME IN CONTACT WITH FOOD PRODUCTS 1 We hereby declare that the SUPREX 24.120 supplied to you for the filtration of natural Bee HONEY is according to to the following EC Community legislation: Regulation 1935/2004 / EC - Regulation 1895/2005 / EC - Regulation 10/2011 / EC and the following Italian legislation: Ministerial Decree 21/03/1973 and subsequent updates and modifications DPR 777/82 and subsequent updates and amendments. 2 The material mentioned above is manufactured with: Polyester monofilament (Polyethylene terephthalate) whose components, according to the extruder declaration, meet the requirements of the FDA 21 standard see 177.1630; Regulation 2011/65 / EU (annex II), EU directive 2015/863 and do not contain SVHC according to REACH regulation 1907/2006 (last update 16 January 2020) 3 We also declare that D The material can be used for the filtration of HONEY for which global and specific migration tests are not foreseen D the material does not contain substances subject to restrictions in the aforementioned legislation and complies with the global migration limits under the following conditions: D the material contains substances subject to restrictions in the mentioned legislation. The material complies with the global migration limits and specific restrictions under the following test conditions: Page 2 simulant: A time and temperature: 10 days at 40 ° C simulant: B time and temperature: 2 days at 20 ° C N.B: The simulants and test conditions are chosen with reference to Directives 82/711 / EEC and 85/572 / EEC and subsequent updates and modifications, and to the Decree of 22 July 1998 - n. 338 (see note at the end of the document on art. 22 - Transitional provision). The overall migration limit, together with the other specific restrictions to which the monomers and / or additives present in the material may be subjected, are respected in the conditions of use mentioned above. The statement is supported by analytical tests on the migration of substances conducted in accordance with directives 82/711 / EEC, 85/572 / EEC and 97/48 / EC and Ministerial Decree of 21 March 1973, where applicable. The calculations were made assuming that 1 kg of food comes into contact with 6 dm² of product. The material may contain substances regulated by regulation 1333/08 / EC and 1334/08 / EC (substances also called "dual use" additives). According to experimental data and theoretical calculations these substances comply with the provisions of art. of regulation 10/2011 / EC paragraph 3, letters a, b and of the Ministerial Decree of 21 March 1973. The user of the material intended for contact with food is responsible for communicating to the writing company any restrictions due to the compositional characteristics (presence of additives and aromas) of the food product to be filtered. 4 This declaration is drawn up in compliance with the aforementioned legislation and is intended for: CUSTOMER 5 The industrial or commercial use of the material indicated in this declaration does not exclude the verification of its compliance with the applicable regulations in force as well as the technological suitability for the purpose for which it is intended_

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