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Manual ROLL - Zander Uncapping Machine
Manual ROLL - Zander Uncapping Machine

Manual ROLL - Zander Uncapping Machine

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Product supplied to order with deadlines to be determined. The revolutionary ROLL uncapping machine we have created is the subject of constant improvements and solutions that increase its effectiveness and efficiency:

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• The drip tray under the machine is now made of polyethylene for food, more robust than the previous one, even if slightly smaller (600x400x170 mm). • The four feet are equipped with rubber shock absorbers to obtain better stability and non-slip grip on the work surface. • The cutting rollers have a modified shape in order to further improve the opening of the caps. • But, above all, we have now studied a simplification of the exit on the track of the uncapped honeycomb. It is no longer necessary to operate the special lever that makes the uncapped honeycomb advance on the exit track but this happens automatically and without effort by means of the same lever that pushed the honeycomb down. We thus obtain a good reduction in working times and a simplification of the operating cycle. • It also does not need power supply. Also available in Langstroth, Turkish, Simplex, Hunor, Zander, Zander small and DNM versions.

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